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Murphy's DGV Throttle Linkage Issues

The Previous owner had a DGV installed, badly.  The throttle return spring and guide rod were preventing the throttle from opening all the way.

DGV Original Configuration
"Original" configuration, this is how the car was set up when I bought it.

DGV Original Configuration
Note Throttle "wheel" is rubbing on choke cable

DGV Original Configuration
With the throttle open as far as it can go,
the secondary is just beginning to open.
This is about 2/3 of what should be WOT

DGV Original Configuration DGV Original Configuration
Even pressing on the throttle wheel,
I am not able to fully open the throttle.

My new configuration allows full operation of the throttle and a positive return.  The long spring also provides consistant pedal feel throught the travel.

DGV Original Configuration
The modified configuration with double return spring
DGV Original Configuration
The return spring mounts to a custom bracket
on the shock tower.  AKA a peice of aluminum
angle bolted to the a-arm mount.
DGV Original Configuration
To insure full throttle travel and prevent any
interference with the choke bracket, I made
a linkage of a beice of aluminum channel.
DGV Original Configuration
The throttle cable is attached to the linkage
with a ferrule so it can pivot freely.
DGV Final Version DGV Final Configuration
DGV Final Configuration
Closeup of Linkage

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